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Here are some of the designs I am proud of. from 3D products to posters it's all here!

Graphic Design

Jakarta is Sinking

This project is about transforming data into a visual form and marrying it with the content. The topic I chose is the land subsidence that is happening in Jakarta, Indonesia, and how by 2050 most of the land will be submerged.


Typo is the minimalist design project on typographic terms dedicated to beginner typographers or for people who are simply interested in the world of type.


I had the opportunity to work alongside Alexander Dejong's center for special education in launching their new identity and also their Bloom initiative.


Inspired by the form of water breaking the surface tension. the product itself is a container with multiple sizes which could serve different purposes.


An exploration of 3D shape and to increase proficiency in Adobe Dimensions in general. the project is inspired by Greek statues and what they represent.

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