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I've been expanding my skillset and learning Blender. Here are some things I've made


Valentine's Day Animation

A personal project, overcoming the fear of modeling characters and learning animation

Stormy seas

The goal of this scene is to understand procedural wave generation and creating a cinematic scene that expresses a certain emotion

Blendore Cosmetics

This project is my attempt to create a realistic render that portrays a product. In this case i chose to do a line of skincare products.

Fancy Chair

A study of topology. This project serves as a way to understand how geometry works in blender and how to create models that do not break when given textures

Isometric room

A recreation of my temporary housing in downtown Chicago. I was interested in the idea of encapsulating a memory in 3D


My first Blender Project ever. Introducing myself to the program by following a tutorial by the blender guru to create the famous Donut

Trinity Map

During my time at Trinity I was given the opportunity to redesign the current campus map. I approached this task as a chance to expand my skillset, here is the outcome.

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